Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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  • Filaments intermédiaires — Filament intermédiaire Les filaments intermédiaires ont une dimension intermédiaire (de 8 à 12 nm) entre les filaments fins d actine et les myofilaments épais de myosine (tous deux constituants des muscles et responsables de leur contraction), d… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • filaments — fil·a·ment || fɪlÉ™mÉ™nt n. fiber, thin threadlike object; thin wire; thin conductor which heats up and emits light in response to an electrical current (in an incandescent light bulb); heating element of a vacuum tube …   English contemporary dictionary

  • bipolar filaments — Filaments that have opposite polarity at the two ends; classic example is the thick filament of striated muscle …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • thin filaments — Filaments 7 9nm diameter attached to the Z discs of striated muscle, have opposite polarity in each half sarcomere. Built of F actin with associated tropomyosin and troponin …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • lymphatic anchoring filaments — filaments that attach the endothelial cells of lymphatic capillaries to the connective tissue between surrounding tissue cells …   Medical dictionary

  • Gobie à filaments — Stonogobiops nematodes Gobie à filaments …   Wikipédia en Français

  • thick filaments — Bipolar myosin II filaments (12 14nm diameter, 1.6 m m long) found in striated muscle. Myosin filaments elsewhere are often referred to as ‘thick filaments’, although their length may be considerably less. The myosin heads project from the thick… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • intermediate filaments — a class of cytoplasmic filaments, 8–11 nm in diameter, that predominantly act as structural components of the cytoskeleton and also allow various movements in cellular processes. Different types contain different, tissue specific proteins; see… …   Medical dictionary

  • intermediate filaments — A class of cytoplasmic filaments of animal cells so named originally because their diameter (nominally 10nm) in muscle cells was intermediate between thick and thin filaments. Unlike microfilaments and microtubules, the protein subunits of… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • beaded filaments — (= beaded chain filaments) Intermediate filaments found in the lens fibre cells of the eye: composed of filensin and phakinin …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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